Why KT Coffee?

This is a product that speaks for itself. Here are some highlights from our experience selling our coffee as Kitty Town Coffee. Imagine how we can help your business grow!

We appeal to coffee lovers

34% of our customers drink more than 8 cups of our coffee per day--that's double the national average

When we get them we keep them

Once we get a customer, there is a 56% chance that they will keep coming back for more

Our customers like to share

24% of our customers have enjoyed our coffee enough to purchase some to share with a friend

Welcome to KT Coffee, the wholesale division of Kitty Town Coffee. We strive to offer a high quality product that your customers will truly enjoy. Our mission is simple: coffee for all. What that means for your business is that we provide coffee that tastes great for a reasonable price with great service.

Our coffees are always freshly roasted. We specialize in medium roasts that emphasize the bean’s natural flavor and prefer coffees that have natural sweet and nutty notes. Click here to learn more about our coffees.

Our Coffee

We offer specialty grade coffee that is approachable and delicious. Learn about our standard blends or contact us to see if we can offer something specific or custom to meet your needs.
The Original

The Original

Roast: City
Origin: Brazil
Cupping Notes: Sweet caramel, cashews, and almonds. Medium body.

The Story: When we first got into roasting, this was the very first roast we tried. It was love at first sip and we never looked back. This is a good crowd pleaser coffee. It's naturally sweet and smooth with deep nutty flavors that anyone can love.

The Dark

The Dark

Roast: Vienna
Origin: Brazil
Cupping Notes: Dark chocolate and sweet pistachios. Full body with low acidity.

The Story: Everyone wanted a dark roast, but burnt coffee is against our religion. We went as dark as our hearts could handle, and this coffee was born. This is our favorite coffee to use for espresso, but it also makes a very rich and bold regular coffee too.

The Smooth

The Smooth

Roast: City
Origin: Can vary, typically Brazil and Costa Rica
Cupping notes: Milk and almonds, very creamy and smooth. Light body.

The story: This is the blend that can get you in trouble. It's so smooth that you don't even realize how much you're drinking until you're 6 cups in. At least, that's what happened to us the night we discovered it. This is our most popular blend because of how smooth it is without being watery or weak.

The Guatemalan

The Guatemalan

Roast: Full CIty
Origin: Guatemala
Cupping notes: Sweet caramel apple with an apricot finish. Hints of cocoa powder. Medium body, bright throughout.

The story: Given our focus on South and Central American coffees, our offerings wouldn't be complete without a juicy and delicious coffee from Guatemala. This is our personal coffee of choice. Shh... don't tell the others.

The American

The American

Roast: CIty
Origin: Can vary, typically Brazil and Guatemala or Costa Rica
Cupping Notes: Caramel and apricot with a chocolate finish. Medium body with some brightness throughout.

The Story: This is the blend that turned us into black coffee fanatics. This coffee has a nice balance of sweet fruity and subtle chocolatey notes that you'll love.


We offer a variety of flavor options such as Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, and Tiramisu. In addition to our stock flavors we have access to hundreds of flavors through our supplier, so let us know what you're interested in and we can let you know if we can offer it!

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What Our Customers Say

As a new coffee shop, we can't image how we could've gotten through our opening without working with Zanetta at KT Coffee. She helped us figure out how much to order, trained our staff on brewing coffee and espresso, and educated us on coffee so we could educate our customers. Their coffee is amazing, it has truly been a game changer for our business.

We got a sample of KT Coffee from a friend, and decided to try it in our hair salon. My clients and I love the coffee, I can honestly say this is the best coffee I've ever tasted and I've never gone through so much coffee in my life!

Zanetta at KT Coffee helped us get started with our coffee shop. Even though we're small, she's been very attentive and the price is extremely competitive. She even refers business our way. We can't imagine running our business without KT Coffee.

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