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Whether or not it's your primary business, you want your coffee to taste good, be affordable, and come in a package that makes sense. We have you covered.

Foodservice and Hospitality

Yes, you need your coffee to be good. But really, you need it to be quick, easy, and affordable.

Specialty and Cafe

You need your coffee to be top notch from countries no one knew existed. We would love to talk.

Private Label

Coffee can help your brand stand apart, and we offer one-stop-shop solutions that work for any size of business.

We are KT Coffee, the wholesale division of Kitty Town Coffee. Our coffee is approachable, not pretentious. We think that you shouldn’t have to give up quality for value, because that’s a bad trade.

Maybe you’re a startup scoping out locations for your new cafe. Maybe you’re a hotel creating a special way to wow your guests. Maybe you’re a supermarket trying to solidify your brand through private label products. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them. We are coffee experts so you don’t have to be.

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Our Coffee

We offer specialty grade coffee that is approachable and delicious. Learn about our standard blends or contact us to see if we can offer something specific or custom to meet your needs.
The Original

The Original

Roast: City
Origin: Brazil
Cupping Notes: Sweet caramel, cashews, and almonds. Medium body.

The Story: When we first got into roasting, this was the very first roast we tried. It was love at first sip and we never looked back. This is a good crowd pleaser coffee. It's naturally sweet and smooth with deep nutty flavors that anyone can love.

The Dark

The Dark

Roast: Vienna
Origin: Brazil
Cupping Notes: Dark chocolate and sweet pistachios. Full body with low acidity.

The Story: Everyone wanted a dark roast, but burnt coffee is against our religion. We went as dark as our hearts could handle, and this coffee was born. This is our favorite coffee to use for espresso, but it also makes a very rich and bold regular coffee too.

The Smooth

The Smooth

Roast: City
Origin: Can vary, typically Brazil and Costa Rica
Cupping notes: Milk and almonds, very creamy and smooth. Light body.

The story: This is the blend that can get you in trouble. It's so smooth that you don't even realize how much you're drinking until you're 6 cups in. At least, that's what happened to us the night we discovered it. This is our most popular blend because of how smooth it is without being watery or weak.

The Guatemalan

The Guatemalan

Roast: Full CIty
Origin: Guatemala
Cupping notes: Sweet caramel apple with an apricot finish. Hints of cocoa powder. Medium body, bright throughout.

The story: Given our focus on South and Central American coffees, our offerings wouldn't be complete without a juicy and delicious coffee from Guatemala. This is our personal coffee of choice. Shh... don't tell the others.

The American

The American

Roast: CIty
Origin: Can vary, typically Brazil and Guatemala or Costa Rica
Cupping Notes: Caramel and apricot with a chocolate finish. Medium body with some brightness throughout.

The Story: This is the blend that turned us into black coffee fanatics. This coffee has a nice balance of sweet fruity and subtle chocolatey notes that you'll love.

Natural Flavors

Our coffees are now completely free of artificial flavors. We offer a variety of options including Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, and Tiramisu. In addition to our stock flavors we have access to hundreds of flavors through our supplier, so let us know what you're interested in and we can let you know if we can offer it!

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What Our Customers Say

As a new coffee shop, we can't image how we could've gotten through our opening without working with Zanetta at KT Coffee. She helped us figure out how much to order, trained our staff on brewing coffee and espresso, and educated us on coffee so we could educate our customers. Their coffee is amazing, it has truly been a game changer for our business.

Our restaurant is not focused on coffee or breakfast, but we wanted to offer something better than the generic brand from our distributor. We were looking for a company to work with who would understand our needs and offer a high value product that would suit our customers.

KT Coffee went above and beyond helping us create a private label coffee for our store. We are a small family owned business, and even though we didn't know how much we'd sell, they treated us like we were their most important customer. Now our private label coffee is our biggest seller and we get lots of compliments from our customers!

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