Since I became the “coffee girl”, I started collecting various machines and equipment to prepare coffee in all kinds of ways. My collection so far consists of a French Press, pour over, manual lever espresso maker (pictured on the right), and an auto drip (that’s a “regular” coffee pot).  I am working on collecting and trying every major brewing method available. It’s a work in progress.

A major one that has been missing for quite some time is the Keurig. These things were invented in 1990, and I only had my first k-cup coffee in February of 2018. Yes, I gave in and bought a Keurig. I was very hesitant to do this, but since I made the decision to start doing k-cups for Kitty Town Coffee, I decided it was time.

When the machine arrived, I approached it with skepticism. I typically try not to let out my inner coffee snob, but I mean, you have to understand my norm. I drink almost exclusively coffee that was roasted less than a week ago. You see that machine to the right in the photo above? That’s my go to. It’s at least as inconvenient as it looks, but it makes me whisper sweet nothings to it as it releases beautiful espresso and silky frothed milk. Ask my husband, he knows about my love affair. So, given my own status quo, I was quite concerned about the level of quality and more concerned about wasting a precious dose of caffeine.

With the machine, I ordered 5 boxes of different types of coffee. I won’t name names, so far I’ve tried 3. We will call them A, B, and C. A was a fairly generic “breakfast blend” coffee, B was a flavored coffee, and C was made by a specialty roaster to have a very robust flavor. The predominant quality I noticed in A, was that it was very…nondescript. There wasn’t anything particularly bad about it. But also nothing terribly good about it. B was, well, kind of the same. It was a cinnamon flavored coffee, and tasted a lot like cinnamon infused coffee water. The last one was made by a specialty roaster. I can’t really say too much about A and B, I don’t have very high expectations on them as they were fairly generic coffees. But C was more than double what any of the other k-cups cost while using low quality beans.

So overall, I found my k-cup experiences to be, well, I suppose better than I expected. What I really have to give them is, despite the absolute bliss I experience with my pain in the butt coffee, I did find myself quite enamored by the convenience of the Keurig. No mess, single serve, yeah, I get it.

Am I ready to switch? No, at least, not until we get Kitty Town k-cups. 🙂 But, the design is unbeatable, and I can understand why they are so popular.