Coffee aficionados, we speak your language. We offer services such as custom blends, coffee cuppings, and training for you and your staff. We are very service oriented and want to help you deliver the high quality product that your customers expect from your coffee shop.

We truly enjoy working with coffee shops because it allows us to let out our inner coffee geek. We are passionate about coffee and would love to help you serve a high quality product that your customers will crave. In addition to our normal blends listed on our coffee page, we have access to more premium single origin coffees or we can create a custom blend for your shop. We also offer training opportunities and resources for you and your employees so you can educate your customers and create an unforgettable experience.

Just getting started? That’s our specialty! We love coffee shops and we are passionate about helping you get a great start. The way we see it is, we succeed when you succeed, so we have a vested interest in giving you a strong start. We’ll be happy to help with equipment selection, training, and our coffee consulting services. You’re never too early to get started. Even if it’s just an idea, we’d love to answer questions and help you make your dreams a reality.

Cat Cafes: We love Cat Cafes! We are happy to offer wholesale pricing on our coffee sold under the Kitty Town Coffee brand. We would love to partner with you to provide custom blends named after cats in your care, co-branded items, and anything else to make your cafe special.

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