Looking for a coffee supplier for your office?

46% of office workers say they are less productive without their daily cup-o-joe. You may already serve coffee in your office, but it won’t do any good if nobody wants to drink it. We offer competitive rates on coffee even for small offices, to help you and your employees power your business.

We accept orders of any size, and our wholesale rates start as low as 20 pounds per month. Our packages come in various forms to fit your needs. We offer 2.5oz single pot bags, k-cups, and even 5lb bags as a more economical option.

Your employees work hard, give them a perk they’ll really enjoy. With KT Coffee, you can offer our coffee to your employees at your wholesale rate, as 1lb bags or k-cups. They’ll benefit from receiving your wholesale rate, and you’ll benefit by having their order added to your volume, which could help you reach more favorable pricing.

Delivery is available to offices located in Central Pennsylvania. Shipping is available anywhere in the US.

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