Every roaster has a different philosophy, ours is to let the beans tell the story. Most of our beans are roasted no further than a medium roast, because we believe that this method is best to draw out the bean’s natural flavor. Most of our blends utilize Brazilian and Costa Rican coffees. The coffees we use exhibit natural nutty and sweet flavors that we think create a unique experience that any coffee lover can enjoy. 

Our Blends

The Original

The Original utilizes beans exclusively from Brazil. We roast our beans to a full city roast to get a coffee that has natural cashew and caramel flavors. Our beans have extremely low acidity, so you get to enjoy a coffee that has a pleasantly bold flavor with heavy body and natural sweetness. This is our crowd pleaser–smooth and sweet with a bold kick.

Kitty Town Coffee fans: this corresponds to the Sydney Blend.

The Dark (Recommended for Espresso)

Very similar to The Original, this coffee also uses beans from Brazil. This is our darkest roast, and it’s our favorite to use for espresso because it produces a nice deep flavor and an almost excessive amount of crema (if that’s even possible!). It has a pleasant flavor for a standard cup of coffee as well. You’ll experience notes of dark chocolate and almonds, this coffee is also very low in acidity and produces a syrupy mouthfeel.

Kitty Town Coffee fans: this corresponds to the Fezzik Blend.

The Smooth

The Smooth is a delightfully smooth coffee that many “coffee with cream” drinkers feel they can enjoy without the cream. It uses a blend of Costa Rican and Brazilian beans to create a uniquely light and creamy coffee like none you’ve ever experienced. Those who prefer a smokey and robust brew likely would not be big appreciators of this mild blend. For those who prefer a mild coffee, this blend is like no other.

Kitty Town Coffee fans: this corresponds to the Albert Blend.

The American

The South American is deliciously complex. The beans come from Costa Rica and Brazil, coffees known to be naturally sweet. The blend starts out smooth, grows in flavor through the sip, and ends with a pleasant chocolatey finish. This is an excellent coffee to set you apart from the crowd.

Kitty Town Coffee fans: this corresponds to the Robust Roy Blend.

The Guatemalan

The Guatemalan is similar to the American, but it’s a bit smoother. It has some unique fruity flavors that shine through delightfully as espresso in a plain latte, or in a

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